Today, many investors do not have the time to learn how to put their money into financial markets and gain profit with investment experience, in particular due to the potential risks of its loss. Consequently, people who intend to have skin in the game would prefer indirect investment where there is sufficient knowledge and experience to take the risks more wisely and portfolio management.

In general, there are primarily two major issues related to investment in digital assets: Volatility and Trust. Due to the former, investors face the very real possibility of losing all their invested money. Starting with the latter, they should be aware of the risks of deceptive advertising, including via social media and influencers, and should be wary of the quick or high returns promised, especially those that appear too good to be true.

To synchronize with the rapid technological developments, particularly in digital assets and financial markets, in order to minimize the risk of losing finances for investors, we strongly believe that the next generation of investment is an active community that leads one another to a brighter future by funding via a more effective solution:

METAVEST; Meta Invest: Investing in Cryptocurrency, Stocks, Gold, Real Estate, Product, Commodity, Metaverse, NFT, and Digital Businesses
MEST: The First Investment Portfolio Token

Problems and the Solutions

Going via the monetary and financial history we will discover that the issues began while the transparency within the performance decreased. Improper printing of money without proper resource and its entry into the markets has shown its destructive consequences which will increase in the future. Societies need to accept these facts as soon as possible in order to seek a path to success. We ought to consider that this way will no longer be a one-man recreation and could be accomplished most effectively with the assist of a professional team. Administrative bureaucracies and imposing exorbitant costs on start-ups are some of the barriers that have led to many talent failures to achieve their ideas. Government-sponsored funding sources, often banks, require stringent and guaranteed conditions that most start-ups are unable to provide. Mutual funds mainly serve the well-off and do not devote their time educating, explaining and guiding different sections of the society. These sections of society, who have become to some extent fragile, in order to survive and escape from problems in the shortest possible time, unfortunately, often fall prey to swindlers and thieves. These frauds create considerable social and educational class gaps by manipulative and convincing tricks.

Further to the items mentioned, each investment includes some degrees of risk. Digital assets are still in the very early stages in their life cycle, leaving institutional investors exposed to many ongoing risks and issues. Most of the people do not have enough information and experience to manage the risks in direct investing. They usually make mistakes such as:

  • expecting to gain too much benefit or apply someone else’s opinion without expecting any risks
  • being obsessed with taking all the benefits of the market
  • trading too much or too often
  • not reviewing investments regularly
  • being seduced by the media
  • letting emotions get in the way
  • forgetting about inflation
  • either not having or neglecting investment strategy,
  • etc.

The Metavest project is formed by examining the past, considering the current situation and looking forward to the future with the aim of solving problems and filling these gaps with a new solution.

Here are some of the current problems which investors encounter and the Metavest offers solutions:


Commonly, people have mistakenly considered the digital-assets investing the same as cryptocurrency investing. Cryptocurrencies, also known as digital currencies, are part of digital assets, which undergo high volatility meaning that prices can fall and rise quickly over short periods. However, digital assets are not limited to cryptocurrencies.

Metavest is all about digital-assets portfolio investment with long-drawn vision on projects yet to come. We are able to commit a small percentage of our digital investment portfolio to a set of low-risk, high-potential digital currencies with long-term profit profile and short-term loss targets. Preserving the principle of capital is the primary and most essential purpose of any investment.

Lack of Trust

Reports from various sources reveals that considerable sums of finances are lost to cryptocurrency fraud every year. It could seem not vital but as a matter of a fact knowing the personality of group individuals is one the most important facts in investigating an investment project. 

The Metavest group is comprised of a number of proficient and forward-looking youthful individuals whose characteristics and personalities have been completely recognized and reputable.

Generally, having no clear investment goals or unrealistic targets and mottos is one of the significant challenges in direct investing. The adage, “If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else,” is as true of investing as anything else. Everything from the investment plan to the strategies used, the portfolio design, and even the individual securities could be configured with their life objectives in mind. Too many investors focus on the latest investment fad or on maximizing short-term return of investment instead of designing an investment portfolio that has a high probability of achieving their long-term investment objectives.

Moreover, greed is the main cause of misguidance in most investment projects, especially in the field of digital investment and specifically digital currencies in the last decade. These include factors such as the promise of high profits in a short period, which are mostly unrealistic and even exaggerated, and cases such as pyramid schemes, which initially tried to attract the audience with attractive ads and even significant funds. These are, unfortunately, bitter experiences for people.

In the Metavest project, our belief is based on the principles of investment applying a systematic approach with a view to the future in order to form businesses, platforms and digital tools based on meeting the needs of future generations. This project, like any other projects so far, will start based on supply and demand and taking into account the risks arising from the anticipated factors, and will do its best to improve and progress every day with the help of its audience.

The Metavest: next generation of investment, presented the first token of investing portfolio in the world named MEST, in order to introduce the best and the least risky way for investing in financial markets and digital assets. Tokens are the most efficient means of raising capital in the world. They have easily provided the platform for attracting domestic and foreign capital. You may say, how is that?

Imagine for a second that if there are people with a background similar to the most famous and successful people in the world today, living in a corner of the globe in a small room or abandoned warehouse, with amazing plans and ideas, how can they raise money for their ideas?

That’s where tokens come in to play.

Metavest Project invests in cryptocurrency, stocks, gold, real estate, product, commodity, metaverse, NFT, and digital businesses with long-term vision and short-term losses by experienced and professional individuals. And it is suitable for people who have no time for analyzing and investigating markets and looking for funding and participating in future projects with a long-term vision. In other words, the MEST token is appropriate for those who need long-term specialized VIP investments.

MEST Token

The MEST token is launched in the BNB Smart Chain or BEP20 blockchain network, which is one of the most reliable, most secure and fastest networks. The maximum supply amount of MEST digital currency units is limited to 88 billion. This amount is estimated by the Metavest experts based on the project roadmap and its goals.

The purchase of MEST digital currency is done through the official website of this project at where you can invest through a decentralized mechanism.

MEST tokens can be stored in all wallets that support BNB Smart Chain or BEP20 including Trust Wallet and SafePal Wallet.

Price and value are two separate components in the financial markets. Sometimes the price of an asset could go higher or even lower than its value. This difference creates buying and selling opportunities in the market. In the Metavest project, the price and value of the MEST token are always equal in order to reduce the investment risk caused by price fluctuations. The digital assets of the Metavest project, price and net asset value (NAV) are all published on the MEST website.

In the Metavest project, MEST token is an investment portfolio token which is used for investing on cryptocurrency, stocks, gold, real estate, product, commodity, metaverse, NFT, and digital businesses with long-term benefits and short-term stop-losses method. If the value of Metavest increases, the NAV of the MEST token increases, resulting in an increase in the price of the currency.

The project is financed through underwriting and initial public offering in the form of IDO, which is about 20% of the number of MEST token units equivalent to 18 billion public offerings. The capital raised is used to invest in financial markets and digital assets. Also, 5% of the capital is used for research, development and expansion of the Metavest project.

With the globalization of MEST tokens and gaining a worthy place among digital currencies, investors around the world can enjoy the benefits of having an investment portfolio, and the Metavest team will make every effort to achieve this goal.


  • Meisam Mohammadi
    ​Doctor of Business Administration, Master of Economics & E-Commerce, Financial Markets Analyst & Instructor, Investment Consultant, Co-Founder & CEO of Metavest
  • Mahmoud Tayebi
    Network Consultant, Telecommunication Expert, Financial Markets & Digital Assets Analyst, Co-Founder of Metavest


The primary purpose of this whitepaper is providing pertinent information for digital asset investing enthusiasts, so that they could thoroughly analyze this project and make an informed decision about it.

Prior to your participation in the purchase of MEST token, we strongly suggest a careful study of this whitepaper and all the documents associated with the same.

Certain statements and financial assessments featured in this whitepaper are based on forward-looking estimates which had taken certain known and unknown contingencies and risks into consideration. Eventually, unpredictable and unexpected incidents may cause the estimated results differ from the factual outcomes.

MEST token has nothing to do with any third parties claiming to offer MEST token.

Any informal announcements relating to a cryptocurrency, which claims that they have been issued by MEST, are false. They might be related to criminal activities.

Metavest will use all its efforts to prevent third parties from stating false claims about having relations with MEST.

As with any potential risk in cyberspace, we recommend to check the legitimacy of websites and third parties with scrutiny before providing any personal or financial information.  MEST accepts no liability whatsoever in respect of any such issues.

You agree that any consequences of the transaction, transfer or use of the MEST token is at your own risk. Investing in digital assets, particularly cryptocurrencies are inherently risky activities and as such, it is vital that you conduct your own due diligence before buying or selling any digital asset, and come to your own conclusions. The contents provided are educational and consulting subjects only and in no way a basis for buying or selling. As a result, any direct or indirect trading losses will be borne by the individuals themselves and MEST will not be held responsible in any way.

MEST token specifically disclaims all warranties for preservation of initial capital and guaranteed profit. MEST is valued based on its turnover report like the units of an investment fund. Investors can send their application through the authoritatively announced portals after carefully considering and then accepting the supply and demand conditions. We recommend that you do your own due diligence before participating in any project.

All investments involve risk. As a result, losses may exceed the invested principal capital. The past performance of financial markets does not guarantee future results or returns. Depending on the circumstances and the information that mostly governments and officials are aware of, laws are enacted that have a significant impact on the financial markets and the lives of individuals, such as interest rates or tax rates.

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