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Today, many investors do not have the time to learn how to put in their money in the financial markets and gain profit with investment experience, in particular due to risk. Consequently, people who want to have skin in the game, prefer indirect investment where there is sufficient knowledge and experience to do the risk and portfolio management.
In general, there are primarily two major issues related to investment in financial markets and digital assets: Volatility and Trust. Due to the former, investors face the very real possibility of losing all their invested money. Starting with the latter, they should be aware of the risks of deceptive advertising, including via social media and influencers, and should be wary of the quick or high returns promised, especially those that appear too good to be true.

To synchronize with rapid technological developments, particularly in financial markets and digital assets for whom considering the significance of risk management in investing, we strongly believe that the next generation of investment is an active community that leads one another to a brighter future by funding via a more effective solution:
METAVEST; Meta Invest: Investing in Cryptocurrency, Stocks, Gold, Real Estate, Product, Commodity, Metaverse, NFT, and Digital Businesses
MEST: The First Investment Portfolio Token

Concentration of micro and macro capital in the form of a tokenized fund that benefits from compound interest according to the long-term and diverse investment perspective and is safe from paying multiple fees.

Backing system of Metavest is investing in financial markets, digital assets, real estate and digital businesses.


One year

You can buy the MEST token via this link.

You can Sell the MEST token via this link.

You can add the MEST token to your wallet via this guide.

The price (NAV) of the MEST token is reported and updated monthly via this link.